The purpose of the Organizing Committee Calgary is to organize high quality national and international speed skating competitions in the Olympic Oval in accordance with the rules and regulations of the International Skating Union and Speed Skating Canada.


The Organizing Committee Calgary (OCC) began as a group of volunteers working to help organize the speed skating events for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. Following the games, the group continued to bid for and host major international speed skating events at the Olympic Oval, still on a volunteer basis. Since 1988 they have hosted many National and International competitions.

The group works in association with Speed Skating Canada, the Alberta Amateur Speed Skating Association, International Skating Union and the Olympic Oval, and has developed an international reputation for the high quality of the events it hosts. More than 200 volunteers actively participate in the organization and implementation of the competitions.

1. To apply for and obtain the funding necessary for the hosting of first class national and international speed skating competitions in the Olympic Oval.
2. To work closely with the International Skating Union, Speed Skating Canada, the University of Calgary and other associations to assure that the speed skating competitions, hosted by the Organizing Committee Calgary, meet the highest possible standards.
3. To administer and maintain a comprehensive volunteer and organizational structure that provides opportunities in an environment that promotes personal and professional growth, ethical behaviour and satisfaction.
4. To support the training and advancement of speed skating officials provincially, nationally and internationally.
5. To enter into such agreements with persons, firms and corporations as may be advisable, necessary or advantageous for the objects of the Committee.
6. To follow and promote the ethics and code of conduct as outlined in the policy manual of SSC.

Committee Chair: Alice Humeny
Committee Vice Chairs
     Event Support: Catherine Humeny
     Finance: Murray Hunter
     Marketing/Communications: Russell Reimer
     Operations: Evan Polowick
     Sport Production: Nannette Ho-Covernton
     Technical: Gregg Planert
     Telecommunications: Mark Messer
Event Staff: Lynn Nixon
Event Staff: Nathalie Smith-MacInnis
Manager, Marketing and Sponsorship: Brittany Schussler Warsylewicz
Press Officer: Jeff MacKinnon

2015 - 10 Year Service Award Recipients
L to R - Russell Reimer, Shannon Murch, Bruce Fraser, Margaret Fraser, Ron Murch (missing Ellen Huynh)

2015- 20 Year Service Award Recipients
L to R - Alma Abugov, Shirley Hons (missing Wendy Walker)